Our Product

Our Product

Briquetting Machine (90 MM) H 250

Price: - 5,60,000
  • Diesel OR Electric OR Tractor PTO Shaft Operator
  • 20 H.P. Production Per Hour 250 Kg.
  • One Bricket at One time
  • Fully Automatic
  • Labor - 1

As per our Survey, at present more than 40 Briquetting plants are installed in surrounding area of Sangli, Kolhapur and Satara cities. Currently average cost of Briquetting plant installation, which include cost of machinery(Capacity - 1 MT Briquettes Per hour) Electric motors 90 H.P. conveyor, Loader, electricity charges and 1 acre land, working capital etc.

Accepts few plants, most of plants (70 %) produce yearly 1500 to 2000 MT briquettes. This means 5 MT briquettes per day. However due to high investment cost this is not in harmonywith production.

  • Gain good income out of solid Agro-waste arising out of different farms-land produce in different seasons.
  • Wherever Solid Agro-waste is available, a diesel operated machine can be taken to produce finished goods Rs.700 to Rs.1000/- per MT can be saved, the expenses of collecting material and transport charges from farm-land to factory.
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Diesel Operated Brick Machine

Price: - 3,75,000
  • 15 H.P. POWER TILER TRACTOR (Diesel Engine)
  • 250 Kg. Pan Mixer with Hydraulic Oil
  • 25 Types Of Bricks Production In One Machine

Many people are desirous to produce bricks but unfortunately they can't start the brick production business. Because of many problems like getting licences from local authorities like district level Grampanchayat or corporations / Municipalties, District level authorities for starting business, Electricity connection, Industrial use of plot etc.

Many people are anable to complete these matters. Hanje Brick Machine has manufactured 'A Diesel Operated Brick Machine' as 'Construction Equipment' So it becomes easy to start this Brick Production Business to newly entered industrialists.15 HP diesel engine used for power tiller tractor is fitted to our brick making machine and it drives both brick machine and Pan mixer. We tried our level best for maximum fuel saving and it results in to running our brick making machine for 1 hour for brick production in only 1 1/, ltr. of diesel.

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Briquetting Machine (90 MM) H 500

Price: - 7,60,000
  • Diesel OR Electric OR Tractor PTO Shaft Operator
  • 30 H.P. Production Per Hour 500 Kg.
  • Two Bricket at One time
  • Fully Automatic PLC Control
  • Leabor - 1
Features of Hanje Briquette Machine : -
  • Hanje Briquette Machine has Dual Operating Syatems i.e. Diesel Engine OR Electricity Operated
  •  Electric Motor (20 HP & 30 HP Electric Model). Ram type Briquette Machine required 100 HP Electric Motor for 90 mm Briquette Production.
  • Hanje Briquette Machine Saves 40 % Electricity Bill as Compared to Ram type Briquette Machine.
  • All type of Biomass and Wood Chips without Binding Agents can be used in Hanje Briquette Machine . Only particular Biomass with Binding Agent can be used in Ram Type Briquette Machine.
  • Briquettes produced are of supreme quality and uniform appearance compared to RAM Press Briquettes.
Other Benefits of Hanje Briquette Machine:-
  • Hanje Briquette Machine can be operated by Tractot PTO Shaft.
  • Briquettes produced are easy to ignite.
  • Briquettes produced have continuous and long burning duration.
  • Briquettes produced are of High Density/ Low Density
  • Low Maintenance Cost, Low Wear and Tear in Hanje Briquette Machine.
  • Hydraulic Briquette Machine exerts Hydraulic force as the engine, hence —the performance is stable.
  • Sturdy and Compact Design.
  • Automated PLC Electronic Operation Control.
  • Low Energy Consumption.
  • Less Noise and Vibration.
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Inter Locking Block Machine

Price: - 3,75,000
  • No Use cement, sand for inter locking construction.       
  • 25 Types Of Bricks Production In One Machine

Brick is a 'heart' of house construction House can not be construct brick, When a wall constructing a mixture of sand and cement has filling in between two bricks. A wall making by structuring bricks on one another. After completing a wall, the coating work will be done by a mixture of sand and cement.

Now we can eject these things easily. The 'Interlocking Bricks' are created for cheap and best construction in the world. Now this technique is using in 40 countries in the world. There is edge bar to every brick, therefore, if you place brick on one another, the wall will stand. In between bricks the mixture of cement and sand to be not fulfill for us. When we manufacture the brick, by giving 10 thousand to 15 thousand Kg. hydraulic pressure, the over all part of the brick makes to be plain and polishing. Therefore we do not make to be coating. At the same time making corner edge to be flat to the brick, construction seems to be get up. In this brick construction, saves sand and cement, similarly, reduces construction salary and construction completes so fast.

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Briquetting Machine (90 MM)

  • Diesel OR Electric OR Tractor PTO Shaft Operator
  • 20 H.P. Production Per Hour 250 Kg.
  • One Bricket at One time
  • Fully Automatic
  • Labor - 1
1) Production Capacity 250 +/- 20 Kg / I Ir 400 to 500 Kg/ I Ir
2) Power Requirement 20 11P 30 11P
3) Ilydraulic Tank capacity 300 Ltr. 500 Ltr.
4) Briquette Diameter 90mm / 100 mm 100 mm
5) Briquette Length Upto 180 mm to 200 mm Upto 180 mm to 200 mm
6) Electricity Consumption 10 Unit 15 Unit
7) Briquettes Per Minute 3 6
8) Foundation Requirement No No
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Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

Price: - 1,95,000
  • 25 Types Of Bricks Production In One Machine

In this other than pan mixer, by hand mixing material

you may produce bricks by making material by hand mixer. There will be reduce the production of bricks. After setting with pan mixer, production may be increasing.

  • Brick Making Plant can be start with extremely Low investment.
  • 3000 to 3500 bricks production of 3" x 4" x 9" size bricks per day.
  • More than 25 types of bricks can produce from the same brick making machine.
  • No need of platform or plywood.
  • Unskilled labors even men or women can operate the machine easily.
  • No need of Foundation.
  • From Single machine increase the production with attaching Pan Mixer to it later.
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Electricity Operated Fly Ash Brick Machine

Price: - 3,55,000
  • 25 Types Of Bricks Production In One Machine

If we have land, water and electricity, we may produce bricks with our unit at one place and sale in market.

Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

Production  : - In 8 Hours Shift.

  • Brick Size             Theorotically PracticOy
  • 3x4x9                8640       4000 to 5000
  • 6 x x9 5000       3500
  • 6 x 8 x 12          1800       1000
  • 6x 8x 16 (Interlocking) 1200     800
  • 8x 5x 10            600         1000
  • 6 x 5 x 10          1800       1200
  • 6 x 5 x 10          1800       1200

3 x 4 x 9 at a time - 3 bricks production

Practically production of 5000 bricks in 8 hours and is depending upon the performance efficieuly of 5 labours and the situation / surrounding conditions.

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Hollow Block / Concrete Block Making Machine

Single vibrator & Double vibrator Model available
Single Vibrator Hollow block machine - 1,19,000/-
Double Vibrator Hollow block machine - 1,42,000/-

A Hanje Hydrotech Industry is a Manufacturer, Supplier,Exporter & Trader, we are offering a comprehensive range of Egg

Laying Block making Machines. Consistent in performance, our offered machines are developed at our sound infrastructure unit, which is laced with modern machinery & technology. Apart from this, we offer this machines in different technical specifications at industry leading prices.

Condition New
Type Raw Materials Mixer
Brick Raw Material Concrete, Fly Ash & Others
Processing Brick Production Line
Method Roller Type
Automatic Raw material feeding Manually
Model H-1 Hydraulic Machine
Power 6.5 HP Three phase Motor
Hydraulic Pump Motor 3 HP 1440 RPM Three Phase
Vibrator Table 3 HP 2880 RPM Three Phase
Travel Motor 0.5 HP 1440 RPM Three Phase
Operating Pressure 140 Kg/cm2
Vibrations   6000HZ Amplitude Adjustable 
Moulding Area   1060 X 600 mm  
Dimension 2000 X 1500 X 2000 mm  
Weight 1200 Kg (Approx) 
Production Capacity 4" Block 10 Block, Stroke, 2200, Shift 
6" Block 6 Block, Stroke, 2000, Shift 
8" Block 5 Block, Stroke, 1500, Shift
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Hydraulic Paver Block Machine

H 70 Ton Model
70 Ton paving block machine - 2,20,000/-
Product Specification :-
  • Model No. : H 70 T
  • Power (H.P.) : 5 HP
  • Phase : Three
  • Dimensions : 1220 X 750 X 2000 mm
  • Capacity : 1500 — 2000 Bricks/ Shift
  • Pressure : 70 Tones
  • Weight : 950 Kg
  • Features : Hydraulic Tank 100 Litres, Hydraulic Oil 68 grade Castrol, Power Consumption 5 Units/h, Mould Area, 450 X 450 mm
H 40 Ton Model
40 Ton Paving Block machine - 1,40,000/-
Product Specification :-
  • Model No. : H 40 T
  • Power (H.P.) : 5 HP
  • Phase : Three
  • Dimensions : 1220 X 750 X 2000 mm
  • Capacity : 1200 — 1500 Bricks/ Shift
  • Pressure : 40 Tones
  • Weight :- 900 Kg
  • Features : Hydraulic Tank 60 Litres, Hydraulic Oil 68 grade Castrol, Power Consumption 5 Units/h, Mould Area, 450 X 450 mm
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Rubber Mould, Vibrator & Colour Mixer

  • Vibrating Table Motor 2 H.P.
  • Vibrating Table Motor have 12 Month replacement warranty.
  • For Vibrating Table you need just Power Connection its like a Plug and Play Vibrator Tables.
  • Vibrating Table Size 9 feet Long X 2.5 Feet Width.
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Diesel + Electricity Operated Fly Ash Brick Machine

Price: - 3,97,000

15 H.P. POWER TILER (Diesel Engine) and Two 5 H.P. Electric Motor

Electricity Load shading causes to discontinue the production which increases the labour cost, power generation becomes costly on Generater, for generater becomes impossible to new entrepreneur. The technique of 50% diesel saving than generater is developed by Hanje Brick Machine.

  • No Monopoly in Spare Parts.
  • All types of Spare Parts are easily available in all over India.
  • Power Tiller Tractor Engine is used for Diesel engine of which parts are available in Local Markets easily.
  • Havells Electric Motors are used, all India company service is available for Havells.
  • Hydraulic Parts installed are from well reputed Yuken — Japanese Company.
  • All Hydraulic Parts are easily available in Earth Mover Machine Spare parts Shops.
  • Bearings and bushings used for Mixer are easily available in Local Markets. E.g. Crown Wheel (TATA 1210s) used for TATA Truck.
  • All types of Machine Maintenance work can be easily done by local mechanics as well as by self.
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